I first  became involved with WilAT in 2012 as  the founding member of WiLAT in Hong Kong. I now represent the interests of women throughout the East Asia region as Regional Co-ordinator

In my professional career I’m a Customer Care Manager for L’Oreal Hong Kong Ltd, and I specialize in supply chain and quality management within the beauty industry. Prior to this role, I held a managerial position in the DHL group. My expertise includes lead logistics service, air freight and multi-modal product developments, supply chain solutions and warehouse management.

I have been an active part of the CILT family for a decade now serving both CILT in Hong Kong and the central functions of CILT Internationally. I have been the founding member, Executive Chair and Chairperson of the Young Members Committee in Hong Kong and am currently  a Council Member and a Membership Committee Member.

As Regional Co-ordinator for WiLAT in East Asia I enjoy working to support and encourage local WilAT groups and am passionate about promoting the interests of women in our sector throughout the region.