There are a number of options for distance and blended learning available through some of our country organisations.

  • In Australia, the CILT have recently developed a series of very successful webinars to support professionals within their ongoing professional development. The 2015 programme has over 10 webinar events, covering transport law, safety and disputes relation, through to High Speed Rail, Smart Cities and making women visible within the industry.
  • In UK, CILT have an established Distance Learning Centre  that offers qualifications from Levels 1-7. The distance learning qualifications are recognised and accredited by the UK government through the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual). Each student is assigned a mentor and the materials are issued by correspondence. Janet de Silva is the CILT Professional Development Coordinator responsible for the Distance Learning programme.
  • CILT UK have also converted some of the most popular modules within the CILT UK Diploma syllabus to an e-learning format. However to complete the Diploma qualification students will need to combine e-learning and conventional distance learning methods until more units are converted.